Monitoring rapid evolution of plant populations at scale with Pool-Sequencing
Czech L., Peng Y., Spence J.P., Lang P., Bellagio T., Hildebrandt J., Fritschi K., Schwab R., Rowan B.A., GrENE-net consortium, Weigel D., Scheepens J.F., Vasseur F. & Exposito-Alonso M. bioRxiv preprint

Standing genetic variation fuels rapid evolution of herbicide resistance in blackgrass
Kersten S., Chang J., Huber C.D., Voicheck Y., Lanz C., Hagmaier T., Lang P., Lutz U., Hirschberg I., Lerchl J., Porri A., Van de Peer Y., Schmid K., Weigel D. & Rabanal F.A., bioRxiv preprint

Quantifying the scale of genetic diversity extinction in the Anthropocene
Exposito-Alonso M., Booker T.R., Czech L., Fukami T., Gillespie L., Hateley S., Kyriazis C.C., Lang P., Leventhal L., Nogues-Bravo D., Pagowski V., Ruffley M., Spence J.P., Toro Arana S.E., Weiß C. & Zess E., bioRxiv preprint

Isolation, Library Preparation, and Bioinformatic Analysis of Historical and Ancient Plant DNA
Latorre S.M., Lang P., Burbano H.A. and Gutaker R.M., Current Protocols in Plant Biology

Hybridization ddRAD-Sequencing for Population Genomics of Non-Model Plants Using Highly Degraded Historical Specimen DNA
Lang P.*, Weiß C.L., Kersten S., Latorre S.M., Nagel S., Nickel B., Meyer M. and Burbano H.A., Molecular Ecology Resources

RST1 and RIPR connect the cytosolic RNA exosome to the Ski complex in Arabidopsis
Lange H., Ndecky S. Y. A., Gomez-Diaz C., Pflieger D., Butel N., Zumsteg J., Kuhn L., Piermaria C., Chicher J., Christie M., Karaaslan E.S.**, Lang P., Weigel D., Vaucheret H., Hammann P. and Gagliardi D., Nature Communications

Alternative usage of miRNA-biogenesis co-factors in plants at low temperatures
Re D.A.*, Lang P.*, Yones C., Arce A.L., Stegmayer G., Milone D. and Manavella P.A., Development

Using herbaria to study global environmental change
Lang P., Willems F.M., Scheepens J.F., Burbano H.A. and Bossdorf O., PeerJ preprintNew Phytologist

A role for the F-box protein HAWAIIAN SKIRT in plant miRNA function
Lang P.*, Christie M.D.*, Dogan E.S.**, Schwab R., Hagmann J., Van de Weyer A.-L., E. Scacchi and Weigel D., bioRxiv preprintPlant Physiology

A rainfall-manipulation experiment with 517 Arabidopsis thaliana accessions
Exposito-Alonso M., (…) Lang P., (…) and Weigel D., bioRxiv preprint

KH domain protein RCF3 is a tissue-biased regulator of the plant miRNA biogenesis cofactor HYL1
Karlsson, P., Christie, M.D., Seymour, D., Wang, H., Wang, X.**, Hagmann, J., Kulcheski, F.R. and Manavella, P.A., PNAS

THO2, a core member of the THO/TREX complex, is required for microRNA production in Arabidopsis
Francisco-Mangilet A. G.*, Karlsson P.*, Kim M.-H., Eo H. J., Oh S. A., Kim J. H., Kulcheski F. R., Park S. K. and Manavella P. A., The Plant Journal

SABRE is required for stabilization of root hair patterning in Arabidopsis thaliana
Pietra S.*, Lang P.* and Grebe M., Physiologia Plantarum

* co-first author
** student-mentee
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